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Honda OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts
(and why OEM is superior)

Honda genuine OEM means that the parts you are getting are from the Original Equipment Manufacturer, which is the same company that manufactures the vehicle. They are designed by the company who builds out the pieces for the Honda and have the original vehicle in mind.


Aftermarket parts are cheaper and made by a different company all together, typically third party. They are designed to be compatible with multiple vehicles and often can have more pieces to ensure more fitment across several systems, this can include an adaptor for the piece or something for it to slot into.


Honda genuine OEM parts are made to perfectly fit and less prone to failure due to the significantly higher quality. They are also much easier to shop for. Finding a Honda genuine OEM part is significantly easier because you can find the exact part you are looking for. There aren’t different brands you have to sift through with varying level of qualities.


Aftermarket parts range from a large variety of materials so it is hard to consistently get high-quality parts. A large chunk of these parts are mass produced with the cheapest material possible, which can cause you a lot of pain months from installation when it suffers from degradation or breaks down. These parts also may not be covered under any warranty in an effort to keep costs down.

If anything happens, you’ll have to eat the price of that replacement, which ends up costing you even more money.


We recommend OEM Honda parts to keep your vehicle running in the best shape possible, closest to the way the manufacturer intended. They often include a warranty and a much higher quality as opposed to the aftermarket variety of parts.

Why Us

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What Makes a Part Genuine

A part is considered genuine when it was on a vehicle when it was manufactured and came off the production line. So a genuine OEM Honda part would have the manufacturer’s label and come in that specific packaging from the manufacturer.

An aftermarket part is created by a third party and would not have the things listed above. That means no manufacturer’s label or that specific manufacturer’s packaging.

What Do We Recommend

If you value your Honda vehicle and want to get the longest life you can, we recommend shopping for our Honda genuine OEM parts. It will get the best performance out of your vehicle and keep it running longer. With parts directly intended for the vehicle, you will get the best quality replacement possible and guaranteed to have the best possible.

Where Do We Source Our Parts

At G1 Parts, we have a variety of sources for our Genuine Honda parts. Some parts come used from our deep-rooted connections and network in the automotive industry. We have spent years networking and cultivating connections with different yards and repair shops. This spans hundreds of various salvage yards across America. Other parts we get brand new from the manufacturer — often purchased directly through wholesale. If you purchase a used part from us, we tend to source it from Cash For Junk Cars San Diego or Cash For Cars in Alpine, California. Rest assured the parts are legitimate as individuals bring their vehicles there when it's time to junk a car in San Diego. If you have any questions about this source, please feel free to contact us.