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About Honda Genuine Parts

Genuine Honda Parts are parts purchased directly from a Honda dealer and distributed by American or one of its International equivalents. We are an actual Honda dealership located near Houston, Texas. All of the original Honda parts that we retail are direct from American Honda.

About Honda Genuine Acessories

Honda Genuine Accessories are accessories produced specifically for Honda vehicles by American Honda. These products are the pinnacle of Quality, Performance, Fitment, Finish, and Reliability that is synonymous with Honda Cars and Trucks. Honda Genuine Accessories are tested to the same rigorous and exacting standards of every other part of your Honda. Electronics are pre-wired for optimum integration and complete compatibility with the models they are produced for.

Honda OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

Quality: Unlike Aftermarket Parts, Honda OEM Parts have been tested and approved by Honda to meet the quality standards which are synonymous with Honda vehicles.

Performance: Unlike Aftermarket Parts, Honda OEM Parts have been tested and approved by Honda to perform under the extreme conditions.

Saftey: OEM Parts with Honda are built with your safety in mind, structural integrity, fit, finish, and most important, how they fair in the event of impact.

Return Policy: The return policies of Honda parts are very straightforward and backed by both American Honda and its vast dealer network, unlike Aftermarket Parts which may only be backed by the distributor.